What They Should’ve Worn: 2009 AMA’s


The red carpet for last night’s American Music Awards was just like the show– overall boring, with a few good moments. Emphasis on few. For the looks I didn’t like or thought was mediocre, I made over. Y’all know how I feel about solutions: if you don’t have a solution to the problem, don’t complain about it. Simple.

I never thought I would have to do this with my girl Rih Rih! But this Marchesa rosette cut-out dress was wrong (sorry Mariel). For her fix, I chose a dress from the same Marchesa Spring 2010 collection. This strapless short dress, with sculpted bust and waist detail would have looked stunning on Rihanna! And the white fabric dripping would have given her the spunk she goes for all the time. Yes!

While the Versace dress Shakira rocked was cute, flirty and sexy, I am tired of this look on Shakira! Every awards show, it never fails, the same strapless mini dress, just in a different color. I chose this Roberto Cavalli Eyelet-Embellished Dress for her because it was sexy, funky, but still fresh and new. With the cutout neck, asymmetric peaked hem at front, and diagonal pleat seam, Shakira would have successfully pulled off the same look she was going for with this mini dress- just better! She could throw these on with thigh high boots for an even sexier look, or rock pumps to keep the focus on the dress!

I never want to take someone out of their element. Obviously Kelly Clarkson was going for the in-season sequined/embellishment trend, she just went about it the wrong way. Looks like her grandma made it for her, and she didn’t want to tell her no. To fix this I chose this 3.1 Phillip Lim Sequined Silk Wrap Dress, which is still fun and young, but still conservative in a way. This dress would have also flattered her body better, as opposed to highlighting where she is more *voluptuous*. She could have paired this with a pair of black pumps, even the pumps she wore with her dress!

Nicole Kidman bored me to death in this Balenciaga gown. I don’t know if it was because of the fit, or because of the way she wore it. I don’t know what it is, but it didn’t work. I chose this Jil Sander Sculpted Asymmetric Gown because it was simple in a sense, but still very funky and attention grabbing. Perfect for a woman her age, and for a woman of her stature. Don’t want to do too much, because it is just the AMA’s not the Oscar’s, but you still want to look good because you’re representing your man, girl!

I understand where Leona Lewis was trying to go with this, but she just didn’t get there safely. I chose to rectify this situation with this Marc Jacobs Asymmetric Velvet Dress. It still has a funky asymmetric pleated overlay at neck, but a better fabric choice of velvet. Cinching the waist with a belt would flaunt her body, and allow the organza underskirt to puff out. Rocking this dress with boots will also give it an edgier look. This Vivienne Westwood dress on Leona just didn’t work out for the best.

One Response to “What They Should’ve Worn: 2009 AMA’s”

  1. 1 CAG

    You lose credibility when you entitle your piece “What they should have WORE”. I know typos happen in blogs, but I would at least have a grammar reference handy to check out my title. It’s the first thing your readers see and if they start out thinking you are ignorant of basic grammar rules, they probably won’t take you seriously enough to continue reading. (By the way, it’s “worn”, not “wore”).

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