Londyn Nikole’s Makeup Mondays!


For all of you fab people who always wondered how to get the last bit of mascara out, getting the runway dewy look, and emphasizing your lashes… We have for you: Makeup Monday’s by Londyn Nikole:

1. Want a quick dewy look!? Use a little clear lipgloss and pat on cheeks! #makeupmonday

2. Make sure you get those corner lashes when applying mascara. Gives a pop to the eye and the allusion of longer fuller lashes! #makeupmonday

3. Running low on your favorite mascara but you just have to get the last bit out? Put a little oil inside your mascara tube! #makeupmonday

4. Filling in brows? For a thicker brow try using a powder, to draw on brows try using a wax like pencil! #makeupmonday

For 5 #MakeupMonday tips for makeup artists…

1. Makeup artist, don’t forget to teach about skin care while applying that makeup. You makeup is only as good as your skin! #makeupmonday

2. You are only as strong as your weakest picture in your portfolio!! #advice #makeupmonday

3. Know your talent and understand that you are a business. With that being said know your rates!! Lol #Makeupmonday

4. As a MUA your only as good as your products! #makeupmonday

5. Learn your time periods!! Know the difference between 20’s makeup and 50’s makeup!! Yes there is a difference!!! Lol #makeupmonday

You can get your daily beauty fix at LondynNikole.com or for random tidbits & advice, follow Londyn on Twitter- @QueenBofMakeup

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