Rodarte Vagina High Boots


They’re all the rage in Paris! For the Fall 2009 season, designers have come together to agree that the thigh-high boot is definitely a go! But wait, how high are we talking? Vagina high! 2 inches above the knee is so 10 years ago! What is this? 1999?

The boots, which was designed in collaboration with shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood, comes in 2 colors (gray & black). It comes equipped with an elastic top, and sexy straps crawling all the way up your thigh. It’s no wonder these shoes are the weapons of choice for vixen’s like Cassie & Amerie:

The shoes are hitting for $3,685, and are only sold at Dover Street Market in London (yikes!) But I’m guessing if you have $3,685 to drop on a pair of boots, a $500+ plane ticket to cross the pond to get them is nothing… right? The one of a kind construction and style makes it a hard act to follow, and even harder style to duplicate. While there are many boots on the market with criss-cross straps, very few of them (almost none) are thigh high, an annihilates the game like these.

The ‘Vagina High’ boots. It’s an epidemic.

One Response to “Rodarte Vagina High Boots”

  1. i LOVE these boots…I wanted to know who these were girl, you SAVED the day!

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