What Not To Do: Fanny Packs


It’s never okay to wear a fanny pack. Ever. No. I don’t care who you are.

Rihanna was spotted leaving her London hotel yesterday, after a long night of celebrating her Nokia concert the previous night, rocking an H&M knitted dress with puff shoulders, boots, rose gold linked chain, and a Louis Vuitton fanny pack. This isn’t okay, people. Not if you’re Rihanna, and not if it’s Louis Vuitton.

As always with my “What Not To Do’s”, I offer up to 5 solutions. I understand the freedom a fanny pack gives you, you can store your most prized and necessary belongings without having to actually hold a bag in your hand or on your arm all day. So if you are simply looking for that freedom, I have found some solutions for you. A fanny pack though? C’mon son!

The perfect solution to the freedom giving fanny pack, is the shoulder bag. You can either rock it by simply throwing it on your shoulder, or you can throw it across your body:

Motif 56 Rock Fringe Hobo Bag $195, 16″ handle drop

Fendi Printed Leather Shoulder Bag $755, 22″ handle drop

Lanvin Happy Mini Pop Satin Bag $1,240, 18″ handle drop

Kotur Bugel Hand Woven Straw Bag $311

CC Skye Bridgette Gunmetal Fringe Bag $540, 11″ handle drop [SICCKK!!]

Marc by Marc Jacobs Percy Cross Body Bag $178, 23″ handle drop

Whether you’re the free spirit fringe rocking bohemian chick, the classic chic office friendly young professional, or the party girl always scouring the city for new hot spots, you can find freedom with the shoulder bag and any of the above choices!

One Response to “What Not To Do: Fanny Packs”

  1. I agree that fanny packs are hideous when it comes to fashion, but they are super convenient. lol 🙂

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