Vintage Video: Janet Jackson “Rhythm Nation”


Once upon a time, artists had recognizable brands, and style consistency. Videos had cohesiveness and everything just went. Now-a-days, videos are just thrown together with racks of clothing pulled from various showrooms, back up dancers doing their own thing, and half-naked chickadees. In the days of burgeoning icons and taste makers, the back up dancers matched the artists, and there was one consistent style through out. To reprise the era of the iconic video, an era which is no longer, I am adding a new feature called “Vintage Video” (name subject to change) where I will pull style’s inspired by the video. First up, in honor of her #1’s album that dropped yesterday:

Janet Jackson-“Rhythm Nation”, 1989

The hoop-key earrings, baseball caps, leather gloves, black denim jeans, and biker boots. Janet did the “all black everything” first!

JACKET: Marc by Marc Jacobs Jasmine Bow-front Jacquard Jacket $390

*To get a darker, edgier look like Janet in RN, add six silver buttons (varying in sizes) to the front of your jacket

PANTS: J Brand Skinny Leg Jeans $150

SHOES: Vivienne Westwood Suede Pirate Boots $510

EARRINGS: Sterling Silver Heart Key Earrings $16.75

*Rock in one ear, or just take a lightweight silver key, and attach it to a silver hoop earring.

GLOVES: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1: Dents Luxury Soft Leather Cashmere Lined Gloves $74.79

HAT: Fred Perry Baseball Cap $33.99

Until next time! Also, if you have any video’s in mind for me to feature, drop them in the comment box! I would love to know what your favorite “Vintage Video” is!

2 Responses to “Vintage Video: Janet Jackson “Rhythm Nation””

  1. 1 kelli

    janet is a bad chick, i love her

  2. I adore Janet Jackson and her exiting the music industry will definitely be a sad loss. Their family has had a great impact on music from since I am able to recall.

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