Haus Of Gaga


“Them hustlers like my fashion”- Lady Gaga

There’s no doubt that Lady Gaga is thee flyest and perhaps craziest chick in the game right now! Wearing weave-covered satellite dishes on her head (that is what they are… right?), mouse lips, neck braces, and her face constantly covered, Gaga has to be the most outlandish of them all. Last time we the people got a rush like this, Grace Jones was running through Studio 54! 3 decades later, and with a slew of comes & goes, Gaga seems to be the definite:

Serving us one too many “WTF?!” moments in the beginning, Lady Gaga has turned almost every Z100 listener, and MTV watcher into true appreciaters of fearless fashion. Seemingly shoving her raw sense of style down our throats, and forcing us to love a spoiled little Yonkers girl, with serious vocal talent and an insane ability to find her limit, then transcend it– every time! Christian Siriano recently revealed that he was one of Lady Gaga’s first go-to designer guys, when she was performing on the ‘Today Show’ for the first time, last year for her first single “Just Dance”. Since then, he says he’ll be lucky to get her to try on something. Not because she changed, not because she feels as if she’s above the “smaller” designers, but Gaga now gets her clothing specially designed by the ‘Haus Of Gaga’.

About the ‘Haus Of Gaga’, she says “No one gets it!” But why would they? I mean, how could they? Her exclusive design team makes the crazy, insanium, outlandish things you see Gaga wearing when she hits the red carpet or the stage. No “Steal Her Look” or “Get Her Look For Less” here! But what are the chances of me and you getting our hands on some Haus Of Gaga? NONE. “It’s not a commodity, it’s not meant to be sold”. I extend my sincerest apologies to the God’s and the Gay’s. No Gaga look a likes over hurr.

The ‘Haus Of Gaga’ has become just as big of an entity as the woman herself. And while I was a little skeptical of the Gaga to begin with, and anyone who knows me knows this, I thought something about her swag was a little inauthentic. But back tracking on old pictures, and comparing them to new ones, not much has changed except for her budget:

In the picture on the left, Gaga was a brunette getting her foot wet in the game, and on the right Gaga is an established pop star performing for a throng of fans. The same piano swag, just at different times in her come-up.

Even if you watch her new “Video Phone” video with Beyonce, who is a pretty hard act to follow, and an even harder act to upstage, the pop new-bee went toe to toe with the Queen Bey and held her own! And it’s looking like Bey Sting even pulled some style inspirations from Haus Of Gaga:

Crazy video! Insane style! FM are eternal supporters of the Gaga.

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