What’s The Big Deal About Louis Vuitton?


Well, of course that’s not a serious question, but according to designer Marc Jacobs, people are crazy about it!


Out of all the luxury brands that are being affected by the recession (Versace recently announced they will be laying off 350 people by mid next year!), Louis Vuitton is still going extremely strong! In a recent interview with the London Times, Marc Jacobs spilled the secret to making luxury succeed in a recession– or at least why he is:

In terms of what’s selling at Louis Vuitton, the recession hasn’t changed anything. I’ve cut back, because my partner Lorenzo and I are buying a house in the West Village in New York. And obviously there are a lot of people suffering out there, but our sales are up and I haven’t noticed that people’s tastes have got more subdued. They may be buying less, but if anything, they want it to be even more special. There’s this huge cult following of almost crazy people at Vuitton who just want whatever they buy to be exclusive. The charity angle also means that people feel more comfortable about spending openly.

Yes, people. Louis V is a pretty big deal! And if some people are surprised by the surge of sales, without the compromising of luxury, understand that there is an exclusive market of overly affluent people unaffected by the recession. This recession stuff, has mostly affected already poor people. Politics as usual.

2 Responses to “What’s The Big Deal About Louis Vuitton?”

  1. 1 Jolie

    LOVE THEM! I have two and hope to buy at least one more. You feel cool, chic, stylish, fabulous, and luxurious when sporting a Louis Vuiton.

  2. 2 CathyO

    I do NOT get the Louis Vuitton thing AT ALL. What is so great? Why a bag with someone else’s initials on it? Cause it’s ridiculously priced? Then you feel special cause you have it? I like nice things, some very high end but when I see a LV bag on someone it screams ‘I’m desperate to be cool’.

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