Teyana Taylor Has Dope Lips


No, really, she does! The 18-year-old Jackie of all trades is adding another venture to her already over flowing resume, Dope Lips:

tt dope lips4

tt dope lips5

tt dope lips

tt dope lips2

tt dope lips1

tt dope lips3

These pictures are HAUTE!! The business! Werk! In a recent interview with TV and Radio Personality, Egypt, she spoke on her line of glosses:

“I have a lipgloss line coming out called Dope lips, we are still developing it but I’m excited because we have ‘Salute The Nude’ under the lipgloss line for all the girls who like nude colors. It will come in all different shades.”

To see her Dope Lips line, the link to her website and my review…





As you can see, the 4 shades already developed are Salute The Nude, Purple Kisses, Femme Queen, and Color Me Pink. I am not a fan of this packaging, it looks really cheap and low-budget. I think if they alter the packaging, and the bottle it would be great! As far as the color payoff, I haven’t tried Dope Lips myself, but the colors look great on Teyana! I am the biggest fan of a nude lip, and that’s what initially captured my attention. Now that I’m paying attention, I just want to see this line progress and be great. It obviously has potential to be something amazing, and if she goes hard she could really shut down the lips segment of the beauty game, one set of dope lips at a time! The color names are cool too. I think with a banging ad campaign, with Teyana as the model, and revamped packaging, it’ll be a wrap.

Let’s see where she goes with this. Check out Dope Lips online.

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