On Location For Sex & The City 2


Ahh, yes! It’s all coming together lovely! The cast of Sex & The City 2 were caught in the streets of Manhattan last night making the magic happen. And guess who was there too?

STC2 miley

STC2 miley1

Disney’s reigning princess Miley Cyrus is apparently making a cameo in the movie. Not sure if she will be playing herself or a character, so far it looks like she’s playing herself. She also snapped some flicks with Samantha:

STC2 mileysam

STC2 samantha

Is it just me, or does her and Miley have on the same boots? Hmm.. Well, it looks the same.

STC2 carriebig1

STC2 carriebig

Carrie & Mr. Big! Still going strong I see.

STC2 jason

Oh, heeey Samantha’s really young boyfriend, Smith, who left her at home on Vaentine’s day with home made sushi all over her body.

STC2 mario

Anthony, darling!

STC2 andcut

And that’s all folks!

2 Responses to “On Location For Sex & The City 2”

  1. why is Miley there? Wudnt a movie about sex be bad for her Disney image? Plus she’s just too young for the movie content. Hopefully the appearance makes sense and is not just for a big name 2 be in it

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