eLuxury Shut Down??


As my best friend would say, “you lie like rug!” (get it? rugs lie… on the floor… moving on…)


When I first started this blog, I was on eLuxury every day! It was my go to spot for high-end clothing to put in my posts, until I discovered Net-A-Porter, which made anything else high-end irrelevant, and ASOS- which I would scour for good deals and cheaper alternatives. While on my search for a handbag that came at least close to the one Janet Jackson wore to the Armani show, I discovered it had been replaced.

So I thought, “this has to be a mistake, maybe there are two eLuxury’s now”. The logo was different, the slogan was different, matter of fact this set up was more like an editorial blog than an e-commerce shopping site. So I’m clicking around, trying to make it make sense, until I get redirected to this page, that had the following message:

After ten years as the premiere online fashion retailer, eLuxury has closed down it’s e-commerce operation and will soon launch a new and exciting editorial destination. We want to thank all our loyal customers for shopping with us over the years and we invite you to shop with our prestigious LVMH partners: Louis Vuitton, Dior, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, Emilio Pucci and Sephora.

*pour’s out some liquor* DAMN YOU, RECESSION! You took away the pinnacle of the prestigious online shopping experience. But according to a spokeswoman for LVMH, eLuxury is not shutting down due to its financial performance but due to the fact that many of the brands it sold has developed their own online presence. I guess designers got tired of selling items wholesale and letting others profit off of the retail price, and realized they could do it their self and net all the money. I wonder how ever they thought of that? I mean, I would’ve never thought! <insert sarcasm here> ELUXURY is, as you read above, now an editorial destination that features a new and inspiring story each day. It is “The New Art of Living” with a slogan that is simple and straight forward: Immersive. Inspiring. Luxurious. Check out the new ELUXURY here.


One Response to “eLuxury Shut Down??”

  1. 1 David

    This recession is changing everything. BTW, will you be able to add Gray & Sons in your Shop till you drop section?

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