What Not To Do: Foxy’s Mis-Matching Weave


As I was going through the pictures for the Hip-Hop Honor’s that recently passed in WireImage, trying to find close-ups of the shades Ashanti was wearing, I noticed something wasn’t right with Un-Foxy Brown:

foxy lashes1

Un-Foxy committed one of the biggest faux pas you could ever commit! Usually this faux pas only occurs in the ‘hood, unless weaving and bonding has become a big boom in the suburbs and I didn’t know. With all the advancements in technology, and the different textures and styles of hair on the market, I just don’t get why this would still be happening.

Now, I’m no expert on hair, but it looks like her natural hair texture is Kanekalon Jumbo Braid Hair and the weave she is wearing is Indian Remy, which is about $100+ a pound/pack. This is a big, big mistake ladies! You just don’t do this, and there’s no excuse as to why it should happen, it doesn’t take a life coach and psychologist for us to know the texture of our hair.


  1. If the texture of your hair is extremely kinky and unmanageable, and relaxer doesn’t straighten it out the way you need it to, there is always the option of a ‘weave cap’. With this process, the whole head is braided and a net like ‘cap’ is put over the braids, and the weave is then sewn on. This style of hair actually looks very real. With a weave cap, you can use what ever style or texture hair you please, and your real hair won’t be put over it, so the difference won’t be painfully obvious. Foxy should have gotten a weave cap. This costs anywhere between $80-$150, plus the cost of weave.
  2. If the texture of your hair is kinky, but is extremely straight and manageable with a relaxer, you can get a ‘full head’. With this process, the majority of your hair is braided and the weave is sewn onto the braids, but a small piece of hair is often left out to cover the tracks. When I’m putting in a weave, this is what I get. This is much easier to maintain because unlike ‘in between tracks’, you don’t have to go in between and style, curl, flat iron, etc., your real hair every day. You just have that one part, and the hair is already style. This costs anywhere between $80-$150, just like a weave cap.
  3. If you don’t like it then you need to throw a wig on it, uh uh oh! While I am totally NOT a strong supporter of the lace-front movement, there are good quality lace fronts out there, where the edges don’t like you just finished getting a line up! With a lace-front, you can have it put on one time and just keep it on for however long you please. It’s not a regular wig, so you can’t take it off every night. This costs anywhere between $40-$70. If it costs more than that, take your business elsewhere. They’re putting on a wig, not embedding it into your roots.

Make sure you ONE: always get a texture that match your hair if you plan on putting your real hair over the weave, and TWO: make sure the color of your hair matches the color of the weave you are buying. When it comes to weaves, I don’t play those games! My hair always matches my weaves no matter what, and I’ve been blonde, light brown, jet black and even burgundy.

Weave brands I recommend:

  • Sensationnel Premium Now
  • Sensationnel Premium Plus
  • Sensationnel Goddess Remi
  • Milky Way

Your weave should be: 100% human hair, 100% tangle free, and heat resistant. Stay away from synthetic hair, because it won’t last! And that is all, please don’t let me catch any of you with this. Thanks, management.

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