Get Janet’s Business Chic Look


When Janet Jackson hit up Giorgio Armani’s show during Milan Fashion Week, she got mixed reviews on the ‘fit she chose. While some may have said it was lacking in glamour and too understated for the event, I thought the look was perfect for her! Janet, who is over 40, went with a chic look that some would only wear in a board room. For the working people, I decided to implicate Janet’s look for you:

janet armani

The 3/4 sleeve button down, argyle cardigan, pin striped slacks, crocodile bag with leather and chain straps, and while you can’t see it, she has on Christian Louboutin Altadama watersnake pumps… it’s all for you:

white collar shirt

Button Up Shoulder Pad Shirt $51.06, ASOS

wide lef trousers

Box Pleat Wide Leg Trousers $69.30, ASOS


City Style Dip-Dye Argyle Cardigan $29.95, New York & Co.


Nude Footwear ‘Milan’ pump $110, Piper Lime

And I have scoured the ends of this earth (well, not really) looking for a bag or something similar. I couldn’t find it, not even a decent one that came close! I’m sure I stumbled upon a few beige colored leather ones, but I was not going to settle! If I didn’t find something at least some what close, then I rather not post a bag at all. Thee end. Hope you guys like! It’s Janet, Ms. Jackson if you’re classy 😉

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