The Polish Bar of Brooklyn


I visited Polish Bar once before, there was an event there that Michaela Angela Davis hosted and I was listening to the owner Tricialee Riley‘s story and was astonished (and inspired)! She started her career in beauty in 1998 working for M.A.C. Cosmetics as a part-time artist, and in the next 7 years she worked her way up to Freelance Artist Management. After she left M.A.C. she worked for companies such as Shu Eumura and Trish Mc Evoy, then opened up her first Polish Bar in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn. But that’s just to make a long story short. You may have even seen Tricialee in the MikeNYC commercials promoting Mayor Bloomberg‘s economic plan, helping empower small businesses through funding:

Polish Bar_Bloomberg

When you first walk into the Polish Bar, you’re greeted with a very friendly and feminine atmosphere. The walls are pink, the furniture is white, there are manicure tables on the right, and drying tables to the left. Then theres the pedicure station in the back, one long fluffy, pink couch that extends about 10-15 feet long. No separated stations like most nail salons:

polish bar

But it’s not just the atmosphere, amazing service, and experienced owner that has her hands in everything that sets Polish Bar apart from your average shop, the service menu is one that local salons should envy and take note of:


Signature Polish Bar, $13
Lavender Paraffin Manicure, $23
Cherry & Lime Manicure, $25
Two-week Manicure, $16
French Manicure, $18
Triple Chocolate Manicure, $20
Lavender Oil Manicure, $25
Minx Manicure, $55

[Click here for descriptions of each manicure]

I don’t know what the deal is with your salon, but my salon, you say you want a manicure and that’s that. A manicure, there is only one (with the exception of the French manicure).  But the fact that Polish Bar has 8 manicures, ranging from $13-$55, the salon next door is already irrelevant.


Signature Polish Bar Pedicure, $22
Brown Sugar Luxe Pedicure, $40
Lavender Mint Gel Spa Pedicure, $30
Cherry & Lime Pamper Pedicure, $40
Men’s Pedicure, $28
Triple Chocolate Pedicure,  $36
Lavender Soothing Pedicure, $40
Minx Pedicure, $65

[Click here for descriptions of each pedicure]

8 pedicures, from simple, to lavender, to chocolate, to minx, ranging from $22-$65. What’s a girl, or guy, to do with so many option?

Polish Bar of Brooklyn also offers make-up application, waxing, lash application & brow shaping. You can get polished at either of the two locations:

Clinton Hill
470 Myrtle Ave.
Brooklyn, NY

Prospect Heights
641 Vanderbilt Ave.
Brooklyn, NY

To find out more about Polish Bar, you can check out the site here.

If you need train or bus directions, you can go to and for driving directions, you can go to

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