Tyra Banks Gets Real


It seems like all the good stuff has been happening in day time talk show world. Oprah went to Brooklyn with Jay-Z, Whitney gave her first on air interview in years (which I can’t wait for!), and Tyra Banks showed her real hair!

She has been promoting this episode for a long time now, and stated that the reason she is showing her real hair is because so many women are ashamed of their natural hair, and has declared that day as ‘Natural Hair Day’. Now, I didn’t see the episode myself, but after watching the above clip and reading the opinions of my fellow bloggers and seeing some of the folks I am following on Twitter talk about it, I am weighing in:

For one, I am extremely proud that she showed her real hair. Not because she was a supermodel, not because she’s famous, and not because of the Emmy, but because that simple task of actually going out in public, on national TV with your real hair was brave and spoke volumes. That was a very big step. HOWEVER…

The mounts of make-up on her face, and her hair being wet and slicked back, I feel was her way of over compensating for going natural. We’ve seen Tyra in many different (and often times natural) light on her show. Whether it was her taking off her make-up, taking off her bra to prove her breasts were real, or coming out in a bathing suit and admitting to having (*gasp*, wait for it…) cellulite! I still perceive Tyra as being a very insecure woman, who preaches on inner beauty, but obviously lives by outer beauty. Although, I know you can’t please everybody, and I’m happy she took that step, the over compensation for the lack of “beauty” in one area, was painfully obvious.

And trying to declare (what day was that again?) as ‘Natural hair Day’ was an epic fail. For whom are you declaring that day for? Because there are plenty women of color I know who wear their natural hair daily, and the women that do not wear their hair naturally daily, I doubt will take a day off to do so. Instead of preaching wearing your hair naturally, I think she should have preached hair care. Not good hair, but hair care. One of the many reasons women wear weaves, wigs, lace fronts, clip ins, ons, and arounds, is because their natural hair is severely damaged and they are often ashamed of it.

She should have had hair care experts, hair stylists, the Carol’s Daughter founder, the Chairman of SoftSheen-Carson, the President of CHI, and Dr. Miracle himself come up there with their hair care tips, demonstrations, and free products for the audience. Instead of running from the problem of damaged hair, she should have gotten to the bottom of it, with a panel of experts and educated her audience on the importance of caring for ones hair. Instilling confidence in them, and not by showing them your collar bone length hair that uses top of the line products, but by EDUCATING them. A lot of us don’t know the damage relaxer does to our hair, flat ironing it daily, constant bonding and sewing in weaves, and how we can slow down the growth process by not cutting our split ends. So yes, Tyra got real, but not real enough. She has enough influence on the minds of enough young people to have approached it better.

And to her shallow, ignorant ban of followers, enroll in a seminar on good hair care.

One Response to “Tyra Banks Gets Real”

  1. That is not Tyra’s natural hair. Her natural hair is the hair before she applies the ceramy crack (chemical relaxer). If her natural hair is like most black women’s I know it would not slick back;it would sit on top of her head like fluffy balls of cotton. I posted about it on my page : Nappy Hair is “Real” Hair at:
    http:// adventuresofadivamom.com. I agree with you about shifting the emphasis of the program to hair care. But nder if the weave is to protect her hair from the damage caused by the rigors of styling, why not just weave your natural, the one that isn’t the result of the creamy crack. SMH that I even have to clarify.

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