Lindsay Lohan, The ‘Artisitc Adviser’


So, obviously the perks of fame is having options.


Lindsay Lohan has been appointed ‘artistic adviser’ (should I have capitalized that title?) of Emanuel Ungaro. A decision that reportedly made the head designer, Esteban Cortazar, step down from his position. He left over reported disagreements on which direction the brand should go. Ungaro CEO Mounir Moufarrige, hired Lohan to oversee everything, current head designer Estrella Archs, does. Her multi-year contract also requires her to go to trunk shows, parties, and “where ever brand activities are”. Of his controversial, and some would say irrational decision, Moufarrige had this to say:

“The fashion industry thrives on controversy anyway,” he said, waving a hand as if to dispel doubts. “Emanuel Ungaro himself was very controversial. He always felt women had to dress to seduce. His first perfume he called Diva. It’s not an act of desperation to get a real diva involved. I like controversy.”

Moufarrige also states that the days of “designers in their ivory towers” are over:

He figured he could either bring on a designer name as big as Tom Ford, which would cost him a ton of money, or bring on an unknown designer to do the actual work and a celebrity for the cache. Why wait months or years for a new designer to reinvigorate the label when you can hire a famous party girl that makes the whole world pay attention?

While some would say this decision was silly, and true advocates of fashion and art work are infuriated by this decision, I do agree with Moufarrige when he says the days of hiring big name designers to reinvigorate a label are over. Fashion isn’t what it used to be, it is now an industry driven by celebrity and scandal. They dominate magazine covers, ad campaigns, and now even runways! Designers and editors alike look to them. The days of model and muse are over.

Personally, I think it’s stupid and instead of the fashion industry collectively taking back creative responsibility, they are going with flow and taking the easy way out. But, it’s a business, and if it sells, every one is happy.

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