Steal Her Look: Rihanna’s Sunglasses


I remember when I first heard “Run This Town” (Jay-Z feat. Kanye West & Rihanna), I thought whoa! Here was the lyrical God, the lyrical beast, and the style game proclaimed ‘It’ chic. These are possibly the most watched people in music, with their next moves highly anticipated and carefully analyzed by the public. I heard the song, it was dope, and I just knew the video was going to shut the game down! How could it not? Anyways, I saw the video, everyones swagger on a hundred, thousand, trillion, and of course Rihanna’s style game was proper! The thigh high boots, fur vest, garter belt with stockings, and of course, these A-Morir Barracuda Pyramid Stud Sunglasses:


The sunglasses are entirely covered in hand-painted, hand-distressed pyramid studs. They will be available for purchase in October, and will also be coming out in silver and gold. And for the record, you can indeed see what’s in front of you.


You can pre-order them here for $350, and the glasses will be shipped to you first week of October. Also, check out A-Morir online!

2 Responses to “Steal Her Look: Rihanna’s Sunglasses”

  1. it doesnt even look like you can see out of those

  2. 2 sun clipons

    My wife was so impressed with how they looked, I think she might order a pair, too

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