Jourdan Dunn Is Pregnant?!


Wait, where was I?


While checking out New York Magazine’s fashion blog, The Cut, I came across a tid bit that model Jourdan Dunn is pregnant. For those of you not in the know Jourdan Dunn is a 19 year old model who has been making waves in the fashion industry. Her subsequent rise to “fame” came after she was the first black model to walk the Prada runway since Naomi Campbell, over 10 years prior. Ever since then she has graced the covers of magazines such as i-D, Pop, Elle, and most notably Vogue Italia’s all black isssue. She has also walked elite runways such as Oscar de la Renta (above picture), Prada, Zac Posen, Gucci, and many, many more. So she has put in her fair share of work, but that’s besides the point.

My big question(s) are:

1. How come no one told me she was pregnant?

2. What will become of her burgeoning model career?

3. How old is she again?

Jourdan, along with Chanel Iman (my fave!), Sessilee Lopez, and Arlenis Sosa are the queens of the Black modeling scene right now. After the 90’s, and with the new wave of designers going more towards the under developed, and boring Eastern European look, Jourdan along with her other teenage contemporaries, were breaking color barriers (and say that loosely), and bringing a new edge and flair to fashion. Becoming teen icons and role models in the process.

Now, my concern is, and maybe I should shut up, mind my business, and just congratulate the chile, what example are you setting? Now, I don’t want to hear that crap about not signing up to be a role model, and you just wanted to live your dream. When you sign up for any profession where you could possibly become a public figure, you take on a social responsibility. You must think before you act, and consider the impact your decisions will make on your fans and the young people that look up to you. Unfair, but you signed up for it, not me.

After being the first Black model, in a long time, to do the things that she have done, there is obviously a gang of girls with fashion aspirations that look up to you. You have the responsibility to set examples for them! 19 is a very tender age to have a child, and besides battling being a model of color (yes, it’s a battle, an uphill one), you have other statistics that you don’t want to fall under, teen parenting is one of them.

I mean, that ‘s just my opinion. By the way, Jourdan is 5 months pregnant and joins the likes of Kendra Baskett and Kourtney Kardashian for celebrities due in December.

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