SURVEY: Fashion Or Beauty?



I recently had a discussion rant on twitter about the current behaviors of consumers, and why more things in this world cater to fashion. Whether it be magazines, blogs, TV Shows, or even TV segments. There are more outlets for fashion than for beauty. So, I ask the question: Is fashion more important to beauty? Is it more profitable or prominent than beauty? Or when they say we are in a “beauty obsessed” culture, do they only mean the physical, material beauty of one self, and not necessarily they care of ones skin?

I mean… I’m a lover of fashion & beauty alike. Moreso fashion because it’s easier to understand, and not as complex to digest. Whereas with beauty, there are so many technicalities that go into it. The skin, being the largest organ of the body, has so much needs and is so complicated to understand, but so necessary to care for. There are all these different skin types, brands, chemicals, plant based ingredients, organic ingredients, I mean it just doesn’t stop. Where with fashion, it’s just as easy as what’s in, what’s out and what fits.

I have created a quick 10-question survey, that will hopefully help me get to the bottom of this! Which is more important to you? Fashion or Beauty? Anna Wintour or Kate Somerville? The Cut or Beauty & The Blog? Help me out by participating in my survey, by clicking the below link:

SURVEY: Fashion or Beauty

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