R.I.P. Michael Jackson, King Of Pop (and Fashion)


At the devastating, sudden, and heart-breaking news of Michael Jackson’s death (I still can’t believe it!!), many people are remembering him for the  many things he have done, and contributed to pop culture and the world at large, through out his 50 years of life. I am a “youngin'”, so while I wasn’t around to experience and be apart of his BEST moments, I did become a HUGE fan of his! I mean HUGE. Any one who knows me, knows that I am a huge fan of Micheal Jackson, and get very offended when people say anything bad about him. What I remember most about him, is him bringing me through all the difficult times, the times when I felt alone, defeated and like I couldn’t do it, with “You Are Not Alone”. But besides remembering his musical influence on young stars like Chris Brown, UsherNe-Yo, Justin Timberlake, Ciara and so on, we can’t forget his influence on the fashion world. (Okay, I had to incorporate fashion into this!) Here are his greatest fashion moments:


This silver & gold suit, with the armor on his arms & legs has been a huge influence on how performers dress to hit the stage today. After seeing Michael live, there was no way that tank tops & slacks would ever cut it on the stage again! This look has been relived through people like Beyonce, when she performed at the 2007 BET Awards:

Bey Betperf


This simple suit and top hat look in his “Smooth Criminal” video, has went on to be imitated by Chris Brown and his performance at the 2007 VMA’s (where his whole performance was inspired by Michael, doing a dance sequence to “Billie Jean”):


Chris Brown’s Michael inspiration was obvious everything he did:



But it’s not only artists that was inspired by his timeless style…


His embellished military jacket has went on to be a classic time piece, even Balmain based their ENTIRE Fall 2009 collection on the King:




And who can forget his “Thriller” jacket?



This is by far the most duplicated piece from ANY one in popular culture! Not even Madonna’s “Material Girl” wedding dress is this duplicated, not the pink “Diamonds” dress from Marilyn Monroe, none! This Thriller jacket is timeless, a classic.

Check out a few more timeless Michael Jackson looks:



mj dangerous105



Unlike everything else in music and fashion, he wasn’t a trend. Nor a phase. Nor a fad. He was classic, timeless. You can turn on the radio any give day and hear “Off The Wall”, “Billie Jean” or “Thriller”. His videos were groundbreaking, and concepts he originated are still used in videos to this day! His concerts broke records, even his own! And his unique sense of style, a style all on his own, is still duplicated to this day. He was never afraid to step out the box, never afraid to try something that hadn’t been done. Every time he did it, it worked. He staked a reputation where he could do no wrong, musically and fashion wise. After all, he was the King.

Here is my all time favorite Michael song, “You Are Not Alone” (Live). This song has brought me through so much, and I listen to it whenever I need to hear it. I cried myself to sleep on my 18th birthday listening to this song, and I believed that truly, I wasn’t alone. This is for you Michael. You are not alone, and you will truly be missed. FOREVER:

2 Responses to “R.I.P. Michael Jackson, King Of Pop (and Fashion)”

  1. 1 diaomnd

    micheal jackson was a insper to many not only me i loved alll his music and vidoes

  2. 2 Ashley

    i think it is a little but sad that beyonce is doing the same thing as michael he wears the military outfit then she she is such a re-re no offence this counts for the fashion world and for fuck tard of a chris brown

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