Keri Hilson Covers 944 Magazine


Keri Hilson is gracing the pages of  the June issue of 944 magazine, looking fabulous & ready for summer:


In the mag, she speaks about what it’s like to be a woman in the music industry:

In any industry, as a woman, you have to demand respect because it’s not something you are given on a silver platter. That’s why I am where I am today, because I fought. It’s survival of the fittest. I have been blessed with the mentality to not see a stop sign as a stop sign.  No one is going to give you anything in life. I pity the woman who feels that they can just rely on their looks or whatever. Professional women have to have a one up on men  just to get the same amount of respect.

Tell ’em Keri…  To see more pictures from her spread, plus behind the scenes video





This chick is all types of fabulous & fresh! LOVE the hair too!

Here goes the behind the scenes footage:

2 Responses to “Keri Hilson Covers 944 Magazine”

  1. I love that bathing suit that she has on. I’m desperately seeking a bandeau that resembles that!

    xxx – A Vogue Idea… I’m Back!!!

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