Fashion Watch: Rena Yip


Some may know luxury, and some may put their self in an “opulence only” lane. But there is a lane out there that makes everything luxurious, look like bubble gum and Rena Yip is in that lane:

rena yip

The powerful pump is the 2009 shoe from Global Gilded Shoe House Rena Yip. The pump comes with a years worth of shoe concierge and it has the Rena Yip signature Teal Green Alligator sole. The waiting list is over 6months long for the $8,888 standard and the $35,523 exotic. Every pump is made by hand to the mold of the clients foot. Self-made Billionaire Taysha Smith Valez is on of the few people who have been spotted in a pair of Rena Yip:


It ain’t for everybody…

One Response to “Fashion Watch: Rena Yip”

  1. Taysha is like kizersosay ! This chick is bad .. She got hoes committing suicide trying to figure her out! Those shoes are fire. It’s sad at how the black chicks in the forums are trying to rip her apart but it does not seem to be working because the baddest chick in the game is coming for google’s head next! is her new ish. It’s based out of Seychelles Africa. If you don’t know , Seychelles is a secret play ground for the wealthy. I got nothing but love and admiration for Taysha. She wins we all win. That’s what these hateful hos don’t understand. They all have half stories and none of them can even afford to get near her and it kills them.

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