Style Preview: Kanye West & Amber Rose For Louis Vuitton


Kanye West released the ad’s for his new Louis Vuitton sneakers, via his blog recently. The ad’s feature his girlfriend Amber Rose and was shot by Steve Shaw:





Swagger on a hundred, thousand, trillion! The ad’s are spectacular! To see his sneakers Don, Jasper and Mr. Hudson






Mr. Hudson

His sneakers are due out in Louis Vuitton stores in June. The prices are confirmed to range from $840-$1140. In the meantime, Kanye’s Air Yeezy sneakers that he designed for Nike are sold out everywhere! They retail for $215.

2 Responses to “Style Preview: Kanye West & Amber Rose For Louis Vuitton”

  1. 1 Drea

    eww why did her naked ass need to be in the picture? that’s just ridiculous and women wonder why so many industries are so sex-driven. i mean really?!?! her being naked didn’t help sell the shoe. KANYE WEST is sporting them, that’s enough.

  2. 2 victoria

    I dont like it:(

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