Homemade Beauty Products


You know that thing we say in fashion “never leave home without it”? Well for these handy dandy beauty products, you don’t have to leave home for it! Gone are the days when we are spending insane amounts of money and falling victim to late night paid programming to find beauty products that work for us. Go in your kitchen and bathroom cabinets and get the fix you need:

1. Toothpaste


Yellow nails are often a major beauty problem for us ladies. Whenever I have that issue I scour the world for really good nail polish remover or acetone, no such luck! If you have that issue, scrub them with toothpaste to remove stains and add shine. You can also add a few drops of lemon juice for extra whitening; it’s a natural bleaching agent.

2. Eggs


Weak hair be gone! Strengthen you’re hair with an egg yolk and olive oil hair mask. The protein in the egg yolk works to toughen up your hair, while the olive oil conditions. Voila!

3. Tissue


Who said you need oil blotting sheets? Go in you’re bathroom and roll off a few sheets to carry with you! Use it to blot excess oil from your T-Zone.

4. Honey


If your skin is sensitive and blotchy, apply a couple tablespoons of honey to your face and leave on for five to 10 minutes. The honey will moisturize, soothe, and help kill blemish-causing bacteria

5. Vaseline


About 65% of women spend the majority of their time in heels. This ones for you! Before slipping on those fabulous new (but painful) stiletto’s, apply some petroleum jelly to problem areas to avoid blisters. Don’t ruin that fab pedicure with a bad blister!

Another use: apply around the cuticles before you polish your toes/nails, so if you make a mistake you can easily wipe it off!

6. Scotch tape


Remove dry skin from your lips by pressing the sticky side on it and pulling it off. But no worries, its tape not wax, it won’t hurt! Or you can put a piece over your nail to see what a nail polish color will look like.

7. Cooking spray


Instead of the usual Sally Hansen quick dry oil, you can borrow this from your kitchen cabinet and spray onto your nails after a fresh coat for a quick fix.

8. Vinegar


Perhaps one of the most powerful natural cleanser and bleach, vinegar can reduce the blueness of a bruise. It can also be used in your bath to avoid yeast infections. And if you’re cleaning, sprinkle this in your tub after a good rub a dub dub to keeps the stains and soap scum away longer. I use  it all the time after I clean my tub!

9. Hair conditioner


When you’re out of shaving cream, hair conditioner can provide a smooth, slick barrier between your razor and sensitive skin. It naturally conditions and will reduce or even eliminate after shave irritation. I’m in!

Ladies, don’t be fooled by new products popping up promising to be a quick and convenient fix to your problem. Simple go into your kitchen or bathroom cabinet and get the real fix you need without having to spend a dime, or having to drive all the way to Target!

4 Responses to “Homemade Beauty Products”

  1. 1 laurelbcn

    extremly interesting! thanks 4 sharing!

  2. I love all these tips! But my fav is prolly the tape on ur nail to check for color. Such a simple idea, I’m slightly made at my Oompa Loompa for not thinking of it sooner! :-/

  3. I love this post! gonna try the toothpaste one, and the honey remedy! thanks

  4. Great tips! I always have dry lips and I never even thought to use tape, gonna give that one a try. And the toothpaste works wonders! 😀

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