America’s Next Top MAYHEM


The ‘America’s Next Top Model’ auditions went down in New York City yesterday and it was mayhem!


There were about 4,000 girls who came out to audition and before we even got inside, there were already fights! The line wrapped around the whole entire block. Any one who knows what a New York square block is like, knows what I mean. Part of this craziness, or all of this craziness, is due to the fact that for the FIRST TIME IN TOP MODEL HISTORY, Tyra was casting short girls (5’7″ and under). I am 5’1″ and a half and had dreams of trying out for Top Model when I was in Middle School but then quickly dismissed it due to the industry (and top model) standard of 5’7″ and above. So, of course my behind was on that line!

I stood on line for 10 hours and never even got to go inside!! I woke up at 5am, arrived at 7am and stood on line until 5pm. Had there been more organization on behalf of Top Model, in regards to where we go in (there were several entrances to the hotel), I would have auditioned long before 5pm. I got on the wrong line. I thought I was just feet away from the entrance, when it turned out I had to circle the WHOLE block. Pissed? Sure wasn’t, but everyone else around me was (leading to 3 physical fights breaking out). So I proceeded to be me and entertain the whole line. Smiles, anyone?

But, in true Top Model fashion, I WILL NOT GIVE UP! Next stop, Dallas, TX!  See you there!

UPDATE: Here is video of the stampede. I am sooo in that crowd! I remember that.


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