Emerging Style Star: Taylor Momsen


15 year old Taylor Momsen, better known as Jenny Humphrey (the independent, extremely talented aspiring designer on the CW’s hit show Gossip Girl), stays true to her character on and off screen- fashionable and care free. Her style, which could be best described as punk rock chic, is reminiscent to those pop-up books you read as a child- you may know the story line, but as you flip page by page, you never really know what to expect. Check out this Emerging Style Star:














This budding fashionista seems to know exactly how to make the two separate world’s of Gossip Girl Upper East Side style and underground East Village style intersect at her walk-in closet, and  peacefully co-exist. We’ll be keeping an eye on her.

5 Responses to “Emerging Style Star: Taylor Momsen”

  1. 1 newyorkecherie

    i personally don’t really like her. she kind of bothers me. i feel like shes fake. but i mean some of the things she wears works.

  2. omg, she’s only 15? i love her style, honestly. i’m curious to know ..who is HER stylist? lol

  3. 3 gglove

    she dosent have a stylist she said so in a interview 🙂

  4. 4 belss

    i love her style…

  5. eras mi fan number 1 , ups pero tuviste que robar a mi Taylor, what a fackot whit you? sabes el esta mas guapo que tu tu eres una pobre roba novios, solo te digo una cosa, aprovechalo que muy pronto llegare a conquistar su corazon,y ademas el me ama mas que a ti pero todavia no lo sabe, y salu2 a mi Taylor, cuidate porque muy pronto llegare a robar a mi Taylor, y dile a Taylor que si llama la dulceria que no conteste, porque estan buscando a un bombon.

    posdata: amo a Taylor y cuidate

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