What They Should’ve Worn: 2009 Grammys


Because I am all about solutions, and I love giving people makeovers, I bring to you again: What They Should’ve Wore- Grammy Edition:

1. Leona Lewis


What was wrong with this picture? Well, this ill-fitting nude gown, blonde hair and tan skin was just a tad too much. Now don’t get it twisted, she should very well pull out all stops because she was a nominee and have every right to. But perhaps this Oscar de la Renta dress and shoes, and Kenneth Jay Lane collar necklace would have done the trick. Perhaps a bun too, we’ve never seen that on Leona. This outfit is fit for a nominee and the pulled up style on the leg would have added an element of sexy-ness to the usually boring Leona. This would have definitely turned heads. Problem solved.

2. Keyshia Cole


What was wrong with this picture? Well, this half mini-dress/half sheer gown pressing against her breasts was just not poppin’! Keyshia is just all too fabulous for this. This Tadashi gown with the split up the leg would have gave her the element of class and surprise she was obviously going for, and it wouldn’t surpress her breast neither. It would have done the job of balancing out her figure that she always seem to miss. The Giuseppe Zanotti fishbone sandals would have been the best part of the slit, and the ring with crystals around it and black stone in the middle would have summed up the black and silver theme.

3. Solange Knowles


What was wrong with this picture? Well, that dress did nothing for her body and it wasn’t Grammy appropriate. This Tibi dress is playful and bright, which is much of what Solange has made her signature. The ruffles going down the center and sheer sleeves would have been beautiful against her skin and complimented her style. Silver wasn’t even an option for this look so of course it was paired with gold Jimmy Choo’s and gold Leiber clutch with pinkish stones all over.

4. Paris Hilton


What was wrong with this picture? Where should we start…. the outdated Versace dress? Or just the fact that she forgot she was at the Grammys? Whatever reason you want to start with, this Temperley London 20’s inspired mini dress with the fringed bottom solves the problem. It allows Paris to keep the mini-dress party girl look she was going for, but just a lot more Grammy appropriate. And not to mention the Givenchy sandals adds a pop of color and some edge. Now, THAT’s hot!

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5. Paula Patton


What was wrong with this picture? Well, on the up side of things, she looked like a very sexy grandma! I mean, Paula usually hits the nail right on the head but she didn’t seem to get it quite right last night. This Lela Rose dress with the disc hem would have looked perfect on her body. She is very curvy and she would have filled this dress out perfectly. Also these Jimym Choo nude sandals are so very sexy and classy, and the black bow front clutch would have completed this updated version of Paula’s Grammy look. I kept the black and nude theme with the funky hem she had going but made it a lot more youthful and fun.

6. Ne-Yo’s girlfriend, Tennille


What was wrong with this picture? Simple: she looked cheap. While that dress could have very well cost $300 and up, it still looked very cheap. This Lela Rose dress with the neckline embellishment would have fancied her up, but was still simple enough to not fight for the spotlight with her super star boyfriend. The Jimmy Choo peep-toe pumps and Anya Hindmarch clutch perfectly works together to complete the look. Go on girl! (In a good way)

7. Tameka “Tiny” Cottle


What was wrong with this picture? That damn sequence Herve Leger dress! While the HL fad isn’t going ANYWHERE period, ever, because it is a classic brand, it is over worn and tired. Tiny is obviously a major fan of Herve Leger, but there are ways to reinvent something that is a tad played out. With this look, the Herve Leger dress is still there but this time it is a strapless, longer version. Tiny has obviously been working out and her body looks great in that sequence dress she has on so this blue HL would have looked just as good. The Balmain tuxedo jacket would have added class and a feeling of newness to the usual Herve Leger standard. Not to mention the Jimmy Choo clutch and pumps finished off the look perfectly. It would have been something new from Tiny, but not so much where it’s not her. You always want someone to be comfortable and stay true to themselves, with this look, she can do that.

8. Paula Abdul


What was wrong with this picture? Everything! She was just too damn bejeweled. This Elie Saab couture gown straight off the runway would have been a better choice for her. The fit and design of the dress would have been Grammy appropriate and she could have still kept the gown vibe. She seems to really like dressing up and enjoy the red carpet chaos, so let Paula go all out. This Elie Saab was worn by Ciara at last year’s Fashion Rocks and it looked amazing on her. Paula would have looked just as great in it. Problem solved.

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    Very complete one !

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