Camila Alves Is In Hot Water


I guess the recession doesn’t work in everybody’s favor:


Model, mommy and designer (and for those who know her best as Matthew McConaughey‘s girlfriend), Camila Alves is in hot water with LA hot shopping spot, Kitson. The Brazilian mommy’s high end handbag line, Muxo, has flopped at the popular store and gone into the discount heap alongside the Lauren Conrad Collection and Victoria Beckham’s dVb Denim range.

Not only is the line flopping, she owes the boutique a whopping $25,000. How you ask? The boutique spent $50,000 on the handbags, which came all the way from Brazil, but only managed to sell half. The poor (or no) sales are due to lack of promotion, even at 60 percent off (with a free DVD of McConaughey’s “Surfer Dude” for every purchase) Muxo still isn’t moving:

“When Camila launched Muxo in August last year she told us she was ready for hard work and was going to do all she could to promote the line,” said a Kitson rep. “But she hasn’t even been into the store once since and we can’t even get in contact with her.”

Another reason could also be the price points:

“The price point is ridiculous; she can’t compete with Gucci and Louis Vuitton if she’s not going to even promote it. Camila also promised to build a Muxo diaper bag but never delivered,”

Although Kitson is having a little trouble getting the line out, Alves’ camp claims the bags are selling like hot cakes. But they’re not the only ones. According to Bettina Duncan, owner of Bettina Duncan at Fred Segal which also stocks the line, Muxo is selling up a storm:

“Our clients are tired of the ubiquitous big brand names. They are looking for the unusual, stylish, individual designers that offer something really unique. All in all, the bags have been an immediate hit in a very tough market,”

Although these claims could be true, a Kitson rep spat back saying:

“Why buy at Bettina when you can buy the same bag at Kitson for 60 percent off? How many bags have they really sold, in this economy no one wants to be seen showing off a luxury handbag, an inside source was at the recent Muxo trunk show at Fred Segal and no one bought a bag.”

Ouch. They do have a point though. You can check out the official site for Muxo here.

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