What Not To Do: Matching Boots & Bag


Okay, I know it always seems like I’m picking on Brandy and her fashion choices, but either her or her stylist need to get it together:

Brandy Returning Shoes At Gucci (USA AND CANADA ONLY)

There is just all kinds of wrong going on in this picture. For one, that is too much brown. A brown sweater, brown boots and brown bag. A contrast color such as black would have looked good against the overwhelming shade. Another no-no, the matching Louis Vuitton bags and boots. I am not a big fan of monogram anything, especially boots. If she was going to wear a monogrammed Louis bag- fine. Almost everything Louis is monogrammed anyway. But matching boots?? Just simply too much at once.

I think the overall look screams “look at me, I’m wearing Louis. You know what that means? I can afford it :-P”. There is just too much labels in this look, and you have to remember, when wearing labels never over do it. If you have a monogram bag, everything else should be solid, or printed depending on your style. If you’re wearing a brocade jacket, no monogram LV.

Keep it at a minimum, never over do it. Here’s what should have been done:


With this look she could have kept the brown effect she had going on, while offsetting it with the ivory dress so it won’t be overwhelming. Also, the monogram LV bag flirts with the glasses a little with the same print/monogram effect. Being that sunglasses are such a small, but still statement making accessory, it doesn’t take away too much attention from or compete with the handbag. The layered dress and the knee-high boots will keep her stylishly warm in the cool Beverly Hills weather, while the over sized sunglasses adds another kind of cool.

Dress: Halston Top silk blend dress $1,995, Net-A-Porter

Boots: Marni Open toe boots $1,070, Net-A-Porter

Bag: Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Lin Speedy 30 $775, eLuxury

Glasses: Chloe Myrte oversized sunglasses $290, Net-A-Porter

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