Go Bold Or Go Home!


Thin gold necklaces? Diamond stud earrings? Tennis Bracelets? Hippie headbands? That is sooo last season!


Marni takes us on a whimsical ride this Spring with her statement making, sure-to-turn-heads accessories. Chunky necklaces, paired with long drop just-as-bold earrings and dramatic sunglasses, piling on the bling has never been so… darn… cool.



Dramatic earrings paired with an even more dramatic necklace, is sure to be a big no-no in most fashionista’s books. Perhaps at the top of their “What Not To Do” list. But admit it, it’s hot. While I believe that some things editorial or runway should stay there, and while it looks hot in the pages of Vogue it may not look so hot on the chic walking down Spring St. in Soho. Statement accessories are sure to make a big splash on red carpets and beach parties this coming Spring. It all depends on the extent of your boldness. If you’re a bad ass b*tch, you know- the type that don’t give a damn about what a fashion book say, I expect to see you in Spring’s sure to be hottest and best trend.







Yupp, you have to be a real bad bish for this one. See you in Spring!

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