Mischa Barton Launches Headband Line


Despite poor retail sales and a troubled economy that no one seems to be safe from, celebrity business ventures seem to not be feeling the effect. Mischa Barton has turned her favorite trend into a business opportunity, launching a headband line for Stacey Lapidus (being launched for the holiday’s). The Mischa Barton for Stacey Lapidus line consists of six pieces for holiday decorated with pearls, beads, crystals, sequins and flowers, and retails for $80-$200. Barton pieces initially will be sold at staceylapidus.com, but Lapidus plans to expand distribution to boutiques that sell her signature line.


She also has a handbag collection for the London-based Ri2k, now in its third season, which is sold in England and Australia.




How the venture came about:

The headband venture came about when, earlier this year, Lapidus spotted photographs of Barton wearing one across her forehead à la Axl Rose. This convinced the designer, a former accessories editor at Vanity Fair, that a collaboration could work. “She’s definitely known for being bohemian and for her hippie look, but then you will turn a page and see her in head-to-toe Chanel,” says Lapidus of Barton. “I tried to put both the bohemian and the classic into the collection.”

Are we checking for this line of headbands?

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