Best Of 2008: T.V. Stars


So to follow up with my ‘Best Of 2008: Mommies’ post, I have another compilation of the Best Dressed Of 2008– T.V. Stars. Whether it’s reality T.V. or scripted T.V. (in this age, you really can’t tell the difference!) I have MY 10 best dressed ladies on T.V.:

Number 10: Kimora Lee Simmons


Life In The Fab Line, Reality T.V. (E! & Style Networks)

I vote Kimora for the flyest and most fabulous mama on T.V., hands down! She gave new meaning to office attire, never wearing the predictable, boring business suits or knee length skirts. Very fun, and loud her style rings true to her persona. It’s vibrant, it’s over-the-top and it’s fabulous! Ming & Aoki Lee have some big shoes to fill.

Number 9: Kim Kardashian


Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Reality T.V. (E! Network)

Kim Kardashian, obviously the more known of the Kardashian clan, never disappoints when it comes to style. But were you expecting her too? I mean, she was a stylist first.  

Number 8: Angela Simmons


Run’s House, Reality T.V. (MTV)

Angela seems to be the more crazy, fun one of the set of sisters, and her style is true to her personality. It’s very young, fun and carefree, and she stays on top of trends. In this ever revolving door of fashion, Angela always make sure she’s in instead of out.

Number 7: Vanessa Simmons


Run’s House, Reality T.V. (MTV)

Vanessa is obviously the more mature sister, and her style proves the same. While Angela likes to play with colors and trendy pieces, Vanessa keeps it fresh and classic by mixing wardrobe staples and never going over board with the accessories. She plays it safe without being overly boring. Great way to straddle the fence Ness.

Number 6: Whitney Port


The Hills & The City, Reality T.V. (MTV)

Whitney Port would have to be my favorite cast member on The Hills. For one, she’s a lot more laid back and least dramatic than the other girls, and not to mention the most stylish. It’s obvious that fashion is her thing, and she never lets us forget it. Best of luck to Whit with her new gig at DVF and her new show The City (which will be premiering on MTV some time this week).

Number 5: Becki Newton


Ugly Betty, Scripted T.V. (ABC)

Ugly Betty’s bad girl, Amanda, commands attention every room she walks into. Either it’s her conniving, sarcastic attitude or her great sense of fashion, we don’t know, although I choose to go with the latter. Always in top-notch designer duds and ‘it’ shoes and accessories, it leaves you wondering…. how much does MODE pay her to be the receptionist? And where can I sign up?

To see 4-1….

Number 4: Heidi Klum


Project Runway, Reality T.V. (Bravo)

When the phrase “hot mama” was coined, I’m sure they had Heidi in mind. Over seeing a sea of aspiring designers on her hit show Project Runway, she makes it a point to show them what it takes have your designs on a hottie like her. Never afraid of taking risks on the carpet, her near MISSES are always HIT’s.

Number 3: Vanessa Williams


Ugly Betty, Scripted T.V. (ABC)

Can you say fantabulous, dawling? Bad never looked so good. Wilhelmina always seem to have sticky tricks up her sleeve, but that’s not the only thing she has. With a kick ass fashion sense that will put any 20-something fashionista to shame, my hat goes off to her. As much as you want to hate her, you can’t, because she’s so darn fierce! 

Number 2: Leighton Meester


Gossip Girls, Scripted T.V. (CW)

In true Upper East Side fashion (my true NY’ers know what I mean), Blair brings it. When you go to an upscale private school in the City, you must be on at all times! Blair mos def puts on a show when it comes to putting her look together. But can you blame her? High School politics are no joke.

Number 1: Blake Lively


Gossip Girl, Scripted T.V. (CW)

I loooovvee me some Serena, boy! Besides a great personality and a good heart, her style is Ah-mazing. Mixing animal prints with funky colored tights, and vintage designer duds with current trendy pieces, her style speaks to the true New York City high school socialite. When I was in HS, the chics never used to bring it like this. Well, that’s probably due to the fact that I went to public school…. in the Bronx…. across the street from the projects :-/

There you have it: The most fabulous, fierce and flyest chics on network television. More Best Of 2008, coming soon.

3 Responses to “Best Of 2008: T.V. Stars”

  1. 1 Jasmyne

    I absolutely agree with this list one hundred percent. I love each of these women’s sense of style and they all inspire my style somewhat.

  2. All the styles are so fashion, I like them. Thank you for your list.

  3. I love each of these women’s sense of style and they all inspire my style somewhat

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