Best Of 2008: Mommies


It seems like everyone was having babies in 2008! But with celebrities, it’s different. With the never ending lights and the paparazzi that seem to have more right to your space than you do- not even a hair could be out of place. Pregnant or not. So, for the mommies who kept that in mind, I have a BEST DRESSED MOMMIES OF 2008 list for you:

6. Angelina Jolie


While expecting her 14th child (okay, maybe not number 14), the seasoned mom kept everything at a minimum. Never wanting to take too much attention off of her growing tummy, she kept it stylishly simple with floor sweeping gowns, basic colors and simple hair.

5. Ashlee Simpson


The eternally pregnant Ashlee Simpson blazed her own fashion trail while expecting her first child with husband, Pete Wentz. She mixed rocker-hippe with a little splash of Cali so effortlessly by pairing headbands, and printed dresses with over sized sunglasses. Not to mention her bone straight orange/red hair kept the rock star in her alive.

4. Jessica Alba


Looks like being pregnant for Jessica Alba meant never feeling more sexy, as she stated while pregnant. This stylish girly-girl stayed true to her femininity and simplicity in show stopping red carpet frocks, and on her days off, the fabulousness still ensued in simple maxi dresses and cardigans.

3. Gwen Stefani


While expecting her second child, this singer/designer kept her retro rock-star style in tact. Gwen stuck to A-line tops and long maxi dresses, but mixed in distracting animal prints, leather jackets, her signature aviator shades and her very own L.A.M.B accessories. And she still managed to keep her bleach blonde hair in place.

2. Halle Berry


Ms. Berry didn’t go for the usual suspects- maxi dresses and baby doll tops- while expecting little Nahla Ariela, this Oscar winner kept her effortless street chic style by rocking belly button bearing shirts, leather jackets, body hugging jeans and must-have bags. She even brought her new look up a notch with funky spiral curls during the last months. This first time mommy was prouder than proud of that baby bump! Can we blame her? She looked damn good. She made me want to go get pregnant. Wait…. never mind.

To see who mommy number 1 is….

1. Jennifer Lopez


Can you say hot mama? It looks like 2 mommies on this list were expecting twins- and both were fraternal boy and girl. Crazy right? While every other mama took to flats, this fashionista stayed to true to her heels, never leaving home without them. The designer gowns, the fabulous makeup, the curled and primped hair, who said being pregnant meant being drab?

**This is my first list that I will compose of MY opinions of what the “Best of 2008” in fashion was, all through out December.

5 Responses to “Best Of 2008: Mommies”

  1. 1 newyorkecherie

    i agree with all of these! they all have different looks. i like ashlee simpson a lot. shell be a cool mom. i also liked how jessica alba wore a lot of marchesa. most of marchesa’s styles are flowing and loose (like the purple one she’s wearing that you posted)
    Great blog!

  2. I kind of disagree. I think that Ashlee Simpson is pretty much over and although she looked better than normal, she still didn’t make the cut – for me at least. And I have never been a fan of JLO. I do love Gwen Stefani’s style though, pregnant or not!

    xoxo A Vogue Idea

    btw cute idea for a post!

  3. I can’t really picture Jessica carrying her child, she certain is the most pretty mother on earth!

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