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Apart of what I do, being a Wardrobe Consultant, is closet audit’s. I go in my client’s closet and we decide what goes and what stays. What’s way out of style, what’s classic and what’s just straight up a big no-no! So in honor of a New Year coming in a matter of days, I […]

Okay, I know it always seems like I’m picking on Brandy and her fashion choices, but either her or her stylist need to get it together: There is just all kinds of wrong going on in this picture. For one, that is too much brown. A brown sweater, brown boots and brown bag. A contrast […]

Thin gold necklaces? Diamond stud earrings? Tennis Bracelets? Hippie headbands? That is sooo last season! Marni takes us on a whimsical ride this Spring with her statement making, sure-to-turn-heads accessories. Chunky necklaces, paired with long drop just-as-bold earrings and dramatic sunglasses, piling on the bling has never been so… darn… cool. Dramatic earrings paired with […]

Nicole Richie has joined the long line of celebrity accessories designer. Any one who knows me, or has been visiting FM regularly, knows how I feel about celebrity lines. But I have faith in this one: House of Harlow, named after Richie’s daughter Harlow, recently launched this past Fall. It will start off as jewelery range, but […]

So, Christmas is here and it seemed like just yesterday you were scouring the sale racks for a good dress to wear to be around the family. But… there is another celebration around the corner. NEW YEAR’S!! But what to wear? I have the best dresses for less…. because after Christmas, you may not have much […]

Despite poor retail sales and a troubled economy that no one seems to be safe from, celebrity business ventures seem to not be feeling the effect. Mischa Barton has turned her favorite trend into a business opportunity, launching a headband line for Stacey Lapidus (being launched for the holiday’s). The Mischa Barton for Stacey Lapidus […]

As I previously posted before, I have decided to finally step out and become a Wardrobe Consultant. Apart of my job is to perform Wardrobe Makeovers and in honor of my new profession– my first “subject” will be Lindsay Lohan: LiLo, as she is affectionately called by the press, has fell off the fabulous ban wagon […]

Hello all my fabulous FM Readers! I bet you guys are wondering… “how come the post’s have been so short and far in between lately?” Well to answer that question: I HAVE BEEN BUSY! Busy getting my new consulting service off the ground. After interning with a couple different stylists (and doing other internships outside of […]

International fashion maven, (Madame Fierceness her self) Victoria Beckham,has finally launched her online site, which shows the first 10 dresses from her collection. She may be underestimated by some, but let me tell you– FIERCE!!!! It is very…. Victoria Beckham, if you know what I mean. It’s fierce, it’s sexy, it’s glamorous and it’s over the […]

Kim Kardashian recently attended Karina Smirnoff‘s Dance Intervention, to help at risk youth use their energy for dancing rather than violence (where was this when I was in the 8th grade?): Kim wore a blazer/scarf set by Alexander Wang, casual denim jeans and knee high boots. The look was casual, but ultra trendy, true to […]