What Not To Do: Brandy’s Torn Jeans


Ladies, there are certain ways to do certain things. And this is NOT how you do torn jeans (or distressed anything for that matter):


Brandy stepped out in L.A. this week to run some errands and thought that ripping a big hole on the thighs of her True Religion jeans was a bright idea. Or maybe we should blame the stylist, after all– these stars don’t dress them selves! While I am a big fan of distressed style jeans, I wouldn’t do this nor would I recommend it. Before I go into what I would recommend, check out stars who rocked a similar style but in the right way:


Rihanna got into the distressed vibe when she turned up her shorts and pulled down the pockets, exposing them and pairing them with a top that extends beyond the end of the shorts. Anything unstructured always works (well not always) in fashion.


Rachel Bilson rocked a distressed style boyfriend jeans. The loose fit of the jeans was perfect for the style. The cuts in her jeans was small, and that’s where Brandy went wrong. Her holes were too big and the jeans was tight, which pushed out the lining of the tear making it look tacky.


Zoe Kravitz rocked distressed shorts and paired it with a distressed style cowboy boots. The loose strings at the end give it a rocker vibe without saying “I though hard about this one”. Distressed is very tricky and can easily go wrong, so you can’t think too hard. Like Nike said, “Just do it!”

I recommend:


1. Pratt’s Oil Spill Norton Motorcross $198, Chick Downtown

2. The Unknown Factory Used Light Skinny Biker $198, Chick Downtown

3. What Comes Around Goes Around Vintage Boyfriend Jean $195, Chick Downtown [Online Exclusive! And the baggy “boyfriend” fit can add a little swag, although my philosophy on swag is “either you got it or you don’t!”]

4. Tristen Destroyed Boot $99.50, Abercrombie & Fitch 

Abercrombie & Fitch is the perfect go to place if you want this look, that’s their “signature”. Diesel is another good place to get it, although they have been leaning more towards a “clean” look as of late.

4 Responses to “What Not To Do: Brandy’s Torn Jeans”

  1. 1 reese

    I love what brandy did to her jeans, she took the style to another level, very daring and funkalicious and then she calm the look down with the rest of her outfit. rhinna pockets are showing but thats hot? zoe has on a daisy duke pamper but thats hot? that other chick looks like farmers jeans but thats hot? and the desplays look like bleach on jeans, really brandy is beyond the peop who stay in a box, her jeans look fun, think unique not a display of safe and boring.

    • 2 simsii

      i think bradys jeans are just odd, if they were toned down a bit ok a lot they wud look gd.
      i dont lik rihannas shorts tho, they r odd 2

      • brandy jeans looK a horrible mess who would were they jeans like that thats is not wassup . it show aint fashinable at all . it look loike she just got a pair of knife in cut it up. rhinna girl what was you thinking pushuing your pockets down . its important to check how you look first then go out in public . in the girl with the cowboy boot with thwe shorts girl that shidd look R.A.C.H.E.T.

  1. 1 Good idea, Bad Idea | DJP Blog

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