Rihanna first wore these Giuseppe Zanotti’s to a trip to what seems to be her favorite fast-food spot, KFC, in September then Gabrielle Union rocked them again this weekend to the Victoria’s Secret fashion show:


[click pic for larger image]

Rihanna took advantage of the edgy vibe of the show, pairing it with a black leather jacket, layered denim skirt, a funky necklace, a skully and bold red lipstick, while Gabrielle Union toned it down. In my opinion, these shoes are simple but still very edgy so if you’re going to wear it go aaaalllll out like Rihanna did! It doesn’t have any bold prints or funky colors so it’s not an automatic attention grabber, but someone will take notice of it. My vote goes to Rih Rih on this one, but you knwo the drill….


P.S. If you want these Giuseppe Zanotti Twisted Wrap Heel you can get it here for $795

One Response to “Who ROCKED It?”

  1. Rihanna most definitely! By the way Taraji P. Henson was seen in the same shoes at her recent NYC premiere.

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