Beyonce Covers Seventeen Magazine


Beyonce is continuing her world domination and she is now covering the December issue of Seventeenmagazine (she is also covering V & GQ Germany this month):


Seventeen has named Bey ‘Style Star Of The Year’ and I have to say I totally disagree! Anyone who has been keeping up with FM knows that I have (more than once) expressed my distaste for her lack of embodying her personal style. Although I am  a HUGE fan, I have always thought that Beyonce was a programmed robot that had her guard up so high it made her annoyingly unrelatable, and it translates into her personal style. But still, they choose to do this. *sigh*




Here’s what she had to say about finding the confidence to try new looks:

“I’ve always looked at fashion magazines to give me my initial confidence, because I need to know somebody in the world is cosigning whatever I’m thinking about trying. It’s also important to have friends when you are experimental, because somebody’s got to say, ‘Uh-uh– you’ve gone too far.’ But if you’re too embarrassed to walk out of your house, then you should probably change, because your lack of confidence will show. But if you feel great, then wear it– no matter how crazy it looks!”

One Response to “Beyonce Covers Seventeen Magazine”

  1. 1 Jasmyne

    I totally agree I dont think beyonce should be named for the best style of 2008 all she does is rock trends; there is nothing unique or different about her style and if they put her in the magazine they should have at least dressed her in things she would wear’ the things she wears in the mag looks nothing loke her style and i just don’t get that

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