Fashion Manifesto To Interview JOE ZEE


Hello all my FM readers, in a few weeks from now FM will be interviewing ELLE’s Creative Director and the man responsible for all the fabulous styling of all the cover girls, Joe Zee.

Joe Zee has been the Creative Director of ELLE Magazine (which as you all may know is my favorite magazine) for a little over a year now. Aside from partaking in the creative side of the magazine and the visual conception, he also styles all the cover girls. Check out some of his best work:


And even outside of styling for ELLE Magazine’s cover stories, he’s still a major player:

The interview will take place in the next couple of weeks and it will accommodate the premiere of The CW’s new reality series The Stylista (produced by Tyra Banks) which searches for the next assistant at ELLE. It will premiere on The CW Wednesday, Oct. 22.

If you have any question you would like for me to ask Joe Zee, please submit them in the comment section of this post.

4 Responses to “Fashion Manifesto To Interview JOE ZEE”

  1. 1 Christine

    Why don’t you ask him why he continues to copy old ’80’s covers and shoots from Gilles Bensimon and has now become even more bold by doing an exact replica of Gilles’ famous shoot two years ago of Jessica Simpson for the recent September issue. Maybe also ask how he is obsessed with French Vogue and just copies their shoots – as if no one notices! He’s a fraud.

  2. Wow, Joe Zoe?! Okay here are my questions: What was his favorite photo shoot? Who was his favorite to work with?

  3. 3 raquel

    OMG, joe zee! i love his stuff, i never miss reading elle and he worked with justin timerblake. please ask him how he comes up with his ideas for all photo shoots because i love his pictures of victoria beckham and marykate and jennifer lopez. thank you

  4. Love setup

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