PEOPLE Best Dressed


PEOPLE Magazine has released their annual Best Dressed list

Number 10:

Charlize Theron

Number 9:

Eva Mendes

Number 8:


Michelle Obama

Number 7:

Sarah Jessica Parker

Number 6:


Heidi Klum

To see which celebs round out the Top 5…..

Number 5:


Anne Hathaway

Number 4:



Number 3:

Gwyneth Paltrow

Number 2:


Number 1:

Kate Hudson

For the record: Kate Hudson and Charlize Theron need to switch places. Fashion Manifesto’s annual Best Dressed list is officially in affect…. it’s coming up in a jiffy.

2 Responses to “PEOPLE Best Dressed”

  1. i love charlize theron gwyneth palthrow ans sarah jessica parker but why so high on the list?

    love your blog – ive linked to you. xoxo – A Vogue Idea (

  2. 2 barby

    rihanna should be 1st!

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