Baby Phat Spring 2009


So, today was officially the last day of Fashion Week, which means everyone will go back to their regular lives now. For the last day, I attended the Phat Fashions (Baby Phat, KLS, Phat Premium, Phat Farm) Spring 2009 show. I must say, although I have only been to 3 fashion shows this week, this show was the best!The clothes were hot, the music was hot, the atmosphere was great and not to mention the A-Listers who sat in front row. Check it out yourself:

I remember I fell in love with this look as soon as it came out. Love the shape and silhouette. If you accessorize right and dress this up well, it wll be just as fabulous as it already is:

Love this look too:

To see more looks….

One of my picks:

One of my picks:

I wouldn’t wear this, but something about it caught my eye (and kept it) and I really liked it:

And of course theres the grand finale:

I actually took pictures myself, but of course these flick’s are HQ. I will post my EXCLUSIVE coverage very very very soon, like yesterday! I am going to be posting the pics I took backstage and of guests shortly. Until next time…

One a side note: I LOVED the show. I know I don’t usually do Baby Phat (or any other “urban” brand) but they have been getting a lot more chic and sophisticated, and maybe- maybe- one day I will wear something Baby Phat. Okay, maybe not, but I’ll do KLS any day. They are growing and evolving with their consumers as they should. They really did it up and shut it down for their Decade show (which was the theme of the show, Decade). Can you believe it’s been 10 years for Baby Phat?

5 Responses to “Baby Phat Spring 2009”

  1. 1 Thaat Chick

    I am sooo sorry, but Kimora’s clothes are, so ugly. It seems like her fashion shows are a joke and she has them just to have them. People attend because that is the only show during fashion week that they are guaranteed to get in. Her front row is a joke! I feel bad for the demographics she is targeting because in all reality Kimora just doesn’t care. If she did she would not put out that mess. I am not big on fashion at all, but I will say you can see when people devote their lives to something. As oppose to just attaching their name to it.

  2. 2 nina

    I agree a few pieces are okay but I have never understood her being a major fashion player. I will admit I have one pair of BP jeans that I bought from Marshall’s for $25 and I would never pay a cent more. It looks like it should be sold a rainbow, dots or something.

  3. 3 anais

    I love Babyphat and i own 3 pairs of her jeans ,a hoodie,a bomber jacket etc and i plan to buy more.
    I agree about 80% of her stuff are not for the fashionista but i always find something casual and really nice which i pair with my Miss Sixty stuff.
    i like the cat symbol but on the back of my jeans or jacket or even on the zipper. Not all of her stuff are colourful with the cat on full display.
    Some are really subtle,well thought of designs!!
    Most designers have a lot of awful things nobody in thier right mind will wear.
    My casual/daytime wear is mainly miss sixty,Diesel and Babyphat and i always look fly!!!!!!
    She has her market and she is obviously knows how to please hence she is making the moneyyyy plus it is affordable.

    KLS designs are also unique and affordable if bought at the sales.

    GO ON KIMORA!!!!!!!!

    Each to their own

  4. 4 Into fashion

    Baby Phat grosses well over $700 million every year so that alone makes Kimora Lee Simmons one to be recogned with in the world of Fashion. If a person isn’t into fashion why are they commenting on a fashion show??

  5. 5 Dollbaby

    I don’t think I like every single piece of anyone’s fashions, there is always going to be something that you just don’t like but to say that all of her work is ugly is ridiculous. Stop HATING, please.

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