2008 MTV VMA Red Carpet Arrivals


It’s show time (it’s time for HIT’s and MISSES):

Rihanna looked fabulous in a corsette top, skirt and white pumps. I see she brought the white streak back in her hair, as she did at last years VMA’s. HIT

Here’s a peak at her performance look:

HOT! She was the first performance of the night and she performed her #1 hit “Disturbia”.

Ciara rocked a cute look but that hair blew mine! She wore a Dolce & Gabbana dress, Jimmy Choo clutch and Christian Louboutin shoes. Over all, she had a good look. HIT.


Solange is still straddling that HIT/MISS fence and that lipstick just had her all f***ed up in the game. I don’t know. You call it.

Jordin Sparks looked nice. But, I have a fashion face off in a minute with this dress that will shock you. Hang tight for it. But back to the subject, HIT.

Pink rocked a rock star glam look in an Alexis LaMontagne dress. Loves it!  HIT.

Melanie Brown looked mediocre, but not bad. HIT (I think)

For more Red Carpet Arrivals….

Lauren Conrad looked amazing! I’m honestly shocked. Her look is usually very drape-y and “Cali”. Love this glam look she did. HIT.

Heidi Montag showed up ina very plain look, but the Gucci Babouska open-toe booties saved her. HIT.

Love this look that Christina Aguilera did. The dress was a perfect fit and Max really helped out her boob area. HIT.

Audrina Patridge looked great. I see the girls from ‘The Hills’ pulled out the big guns. HIT.

Miley Cyrus & Katy Perry arrived together. Miley looked mediocre but still nice, and what can I say about Katy? She looked like… Katy! HIT(for Miley) and MISS (for Katy). Katy also stopped to take a flic with her boyfriend Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes:

They make a very good couple. They just go.

The Pussy Cat Dolls looked…. all of them get a HIT except for Melody.

Ashlee Simpson came out with her belly in Alexander McQueen. How can this not be a HIT? It’s a baby.

Taylor Swift‘s look was safe but still not boring. So she gets a HIT from me.

Ashley Tisdale looked okay. I bit too toned down for me, she’s went harder at “lesser” events. HIT/MISS

Britney Spears of course opened the show (not performing though!) and she rocked a cute look. After 16 nominations and 10 years, she finally won her first VMA- and 3 of them!

It’s good to see she finally got it together- or getting it together.

And the fellas:

T.I. and his fiancee Tiny (who rocked Herve Leger) came out. How cute is that, her hair matched his jacket. Aww. They both looked nice none the less. I don’t think it’s eith a HIT or MISS though.

Lupe Fiasco rocked an interesting look, and I kinda like it! HIT.

I see Lil Wayne is trying to establish his personal style. Hip-Hop rock star- I dig it! But that side-lip ring is going to have to grow on me. E for Effort.

Chris Brown showed up in a look that he has been donning lately. Can’t say I like it, he’s done better than this, I’ve seen it. MISS.

Ne-Yo looked smooth, per usual. HIT.

Of course these are not all of them, as soon as I get more pic’s, I will update this post.

2 Responses to “2008 MTV VMA Red Carpet Arrivals”

  1. 1 Sarah Eshleman

    Lauren Conrad was the best dressed of the night. Ashley Tisdale followed closely behind.

  2. 2 Sarah Eshleman

    Best dressed;
    – Lauren Conrad, Ashley Tisdale, Audrina Patridge, Pink, Taylor Swift, Ciara, and Jordin Sparks.

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