What They Should’ve Worn: Fashion Rocks 2008


So every time we (fashion bloggers) do red carpet coverage and we choose the HIT’s and MISSES, basically what we are doing is complaining right? So for all the MISSES or poor outfit choices from the 5th Annual Fashion Rocks event, I have for you: “What They Should’ve Wore” because I’m about solutions (and not to mention this sh** is fun):

Leona Lewis definitely got a MISS from me, so for her solution I have a Matthew Willamson Albertine Floral dress paired with a pair of Christian Louboutin Satin Platform Sandals. With the colors on the dress dancing on a black background, the pink sandals were a perfect fit. Not to mention her figure would have filled out that dress.

Although Keyshia Cole was a HIT in my book, the dress she wore was not for Fashion Rocks! For her solution I have a Roberto Cavalli Silk one-shoulder dress paired with a pair of Jimmy Choo Elipse Leather Sandals. The dress will allow her to still show skin, because the belly skin was not right for the event. The gold sandals have enough pizazz but it still allows the busy dress to have the spotlight.

Ashanti looked a little too bedazzled and low budget, and the sides out were a no-no. For her solution, I have a Marchesa Ruffle Bustier Dress and paired it with a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti Ankle Strap Pumps. The ruffles on the dress would fill out her chest area and the rest of the dress would hug her body and she will fill that out. For the shoes, I needed an ankle strap. A thin shoe would have done nothing for her, because she is so thick.

Nicole Scherzinger was an all around MISS for me. She showed up looking like a high fashion belly dancer. So for her solution, I chose a 3.1. Phillip Lim Silk Layered Tank Gown and being that you won’t even see the shoes, I focused on accessories. No bracelets, being that the dress already has a lot going on but you definitely don’t want to leave that area naked. I paired it with a Bijoux Heart Whiplash embellished ring. The dress allows her to keep that silk, draped look she has going on but just a little more polished and the ring is the cherry on top. The color of the dress is also not too dark, so her hair would fall on it and still not get lost.

For more Solutions (and the best solution)….

Brandy looked like trash- literally! She looked like a trash bag. The shiny ensemble was not doing it. For her solution, I picked a Miu Miu Sheer Panel Dress and paired it with Sergio Rossi two-toned sandals. The dress was simple but still fab and the shoes definitely pumped up the look. For her “come back” and if I’m right, it was her first red carpet event since her new single dropped, she needed a good grand entrance.

I have come to understand that Solange will say, sing and wear what she feels. Last night though, she definitely MISSed and it takes twice as much energy to swing and MISS than to swing and HIT. For her solution, I chose a Moschino Boucle effect dress and paired it with a pair of Prada Leopard Print Pumps.  I did with Solange as I did with everyone else in this post, stayed true to their style. Bright color for the dress and a wild print for the shoe. The funky colored leopard print goes well with the dress, and Solange doesn’t usually match anyway. But she does always coordinate. Now, it’s a HIT.

Not that Ana Ortiz was a MISS, but she was just too boring. That’s just as bad as being too over the top. For her solution, I chose a Versace Woven Sheath Mini Dress and paired it with Chloe Irina Pointy Toe Pumps. The dress was simple and the the shoes were too, besides the cut. To jazz it up, I added a Mawi Box chain necklace, which would fall just below the neckline and on top of the dress. Simple, classy but far from boring.

Duffy‘s look was just wrong. Bad fit, the shoes blend too much, everything. Even the hair and make-up. For her solution, I chose a Marchesa layered ruffle dress and paired it with Christian Louboutin Architek slingbacks. The dress had a lot of pizazz, but was still simple enough to pull off. The nude shoes with red bottoms let the dress have it’s way but still didn’t fall into the background. Problem solved.

Fergie just messed it all up in the name of Gucci. For my solution, I chose an Alexander McQueen Paisley kaftan gown. Some may not understand my decision, but I have to stay true to the artist. Fergie isn’t exactly a glam God and her style is very drape-y and her clothes sit on her, nothing fitted. The gown has it’s very own print and because of it’s length and architecture, I didn’t add shoes or accessories.

Hilary Swank wasn’t exactly a MISS, but she could have done a hell of a lot better than she did. For her solution I chose an Oscar de la Renta Silk faille embroidered dress and paired it with Valentino Jeweled Platform Pumps. Usually I try not to make the shoes and dress go so close together, color wise, but this look just worked and it’s perfect for Fashion Rocks!

Lil Mama seems to always disappoint. For her solution, I picked a Matthew Willamson Ballerina bustier dress and paired it with an Oscar de la Renta Python Trim Suede Pump. The dress is fun, with the ballerina and stars print and it’s a very youthful silhouette. Not too couture, because that’s just not her style. The pumps are simple but still has a semi-funky heel and layer. This dress can be easily paired with a cropped leather jacket, to make it more “Lil Mama”,  but I couldn’t find the perfect one.

Those are my Style Solutions. Do you agree? Woul’d you have changed anything? Does someone not desrve to be on here? It took me over 2 hours to put this post together. Matter of fact, 3 hours because I started at 2pm and it’s now after 5. *sigh* I do this for you!

2 Responses to “What They Should’ve Worn: Fashion Rocks 2008”

  1. 1 Les

    This was great! I love your site. I loved most of these looks, and would steal them and wear to class monday if I could. Random for class? Yeah, but as long as I’m cute. lol Keep up the great work!

    • 2 Nay

      Nicole showed up looking like a high fashion belly dancer.? Is that what you thought she was going for? That’s an India Saree, very sophisticated, and she can carry it off fabulously.

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