Solange at Fashion Rocks + HIT or MISS?


Solangearrivedat the 5th Annual Fashion Rocks event in this get up:

HIT or MISS? I usually understand and love her out of the box style, but I think this is a MISS… you? Also, check her out backstage & performing:

I absolutely LOVE this look on her! Good come back on the fashion tip! Glad to see she’s still doing her thing musically, after it seemed as if everyone thought her album flopped.

To see pictures of her and Cassie at the opening party for “Mini Rooftop NYC”…

Solange arriving:

Love the hair! I am going to have to go out tomorrow and get that weave. LoL. I’ve had that hair style in mind lately too, just a little bit shorter, but I’m thinking long won’t look that bad. That’s a good look, I need some curly hair in my life anyway.

2 Responses to “Solange at Fashion Rocks + HIT or MISS?”

  1. 1 Says Who

    She looked and sounded horrible.. was that dancing?.. yeah maybe for a strip club.. on a plus side, unlike her sister she isn’t bleaching and straitening her hair … but what is with these girls and their terrible taste in clothes?? Beyonce.. you do not look good in huge gold sequins.. take note! Solange is just too full of herself for me, she has yet to prove herself in the music world and yet acts like she is a queen bee .. so tired of it.


    First things first, what has Solange thinking that she is her big sister? She sounded like a dude, singing with two great back-up singers. They looked better than her, sounded better than her, and out-shined her. What and who produced this mess of a lame singer? What and who thought that she sounded better than an abused child? She really thinks she is something before she has even sold a million records. Man why did someone think that she was worth producing any music with. This girl is the BOMB! afte it has exploded! She is a HOT MESS!

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