5th Annual Fashion Rocks


Celebs brought out their best for the 5th Annual Fashion Rocks event, which is the event that kicks off fashion week. As usual, there were HIT’s and then there were MISSES:

Of course Beyonce came out, looking simple but still fabulous and fashionable. Love the hair, make up and outfit. The whole look just works for her. HIT

Well, what can I say? It’s Rihanna! The color was simple but the cut and silhouette brought it up a notch.  HIT (as usual)

“I said I’m back on the scene, krispy with creme…”  Brandy came out to take in the festivities. She wore the most beautiful garbage I have ever seen! I’m not a big fan of that fabric by the way, but she looked fab none the less. HIT/MISS (she gets a little bit of both). I see the “red carpet kisses” were in full effect though.

For more of Fashion and Music’s biggest stars…

Ciara looked very glamorous. I’m especially loving the hair and make up. She gets two thumbs up from me, very well put together and appropriate for the event. HIT

Miss Mary J. Blige looked fab, but this look is not really doing anything for me, especially the hair. What I am loving is the smoky eye. None the less, it’s a HIT

Of course the Top Model turned media mogul Tyra Banks came out in all her wax statue lace front high fashion glory. If you cut off her head, it’s a HIT. Let me stop, she looks fabulous!

Of course Ashanti came out, but I’m having issued with her make up artist again. Must you put that shade of lipstick on her? And I’m not sure if her stylist picks out the wrong things for her, if Ashanti chooses the wrong things for herself or if she just can’t wear clothes. Cheap or designer. Whatever the case is, she straddles the fence between HIT and MISS.

Keyshia Cole rocked a cute look, she has definitely been getting it together, fashion wise, as of late. While she still has a long way to go, she has come a long way. I give her an E for Effort and a HIT.

Little Miss Miley rocked a cute look, stayed in her land age wise. I say, it’s a HIT.

The million dollar baby herself, Hilary Swank, came out and rocked a cute new hair do. This whole get up is a little too mitchy-matchy for me but it’s still a good look for her. HIT

The dress, belt and shoes were doing it for me. It was, I was sold for 2 seconds. But was that choker, top hat and magician jacket absolutely necessary? I don’t think a stylist can fix this, this is all Lil Mama right here.

British pop sensation Duffy rocked a cute little frilly dress. I’m not really feeling the fit and the shoes are blending in with the red carpet, and the tone is too close to the dress. This look is straddling the fence. I say it’s a HIT and a MISS.

I love how Paula Abdul’s dress fit her, but as usual the accessories were a bit too much. That cuff is at least 3 inches in length. Too much but still just enough. I say HIT/MISS.

Is there such a thing as polished grunge? If so, Fergie fits that category. Not feeling this Gucci get up. It’s Fashion Rocks not Fashion Sucks. Have a little more respect for the art? MISS

While I do love Leona Lewis, I’m not feeling this. This is Fashion Rocks…. *sigh* MISS

Nicole Scherzinger looked like a high fashion belly dancer. MISS

‘Ugly Betty’ actress Ana Ortiz, came out looking too safe and boring for my likings. It’s neither a HIT or a MISS. First time in FM (stands for Fashion Manifesto, for the new people) history that’s ever been done.


More red carpet coverage coming soon… PLUS, Performance coverage as well!

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