5th Annual Fashion Rocks- Performances


As I told you, I will have performance coverage for you. And I do! There were HIT’s and MISSES on stage as well as on the carpet, check it out:

Of course Rihanna hit the stage. HIT (as usual) but my question is, can I just borrow her wardrobe for a little bit?

Beyonce hit the stage with Justin Timberlake (and had all these other R&B chic’s scared). I can’t say I’m loving this one-piece jumpsuit she has on. MISS. But that’s not it, she hit the stage again:

She did a tribute to Etta James and even went into the audience to sing to her:

Her Etta James look wasn’t all that bad. Being that she was in character as someone else, can you even call a HIT or MISS?

For more performances….

Mariah Carey performed “I’m That Chick” and looked mediocre but none the less, she dressed her age! Simple and stylish. HIT

Mary J. Blige and Kid Rock performed together. I love her ivory look and she of course rocked her signature thigh high boots (ya know Mary love when her boots come above the knee). I like the look. HIT

And of course, there was the ‘Stand Up To Cancer’ performance:

Only because it’s for a good cause. And I LOVE this song!

4 Responses to “5th Annual Fashion Rocks- Performances”

  1. 1 krissy

    this was so hot ilove it and the lyrics really says something! good work yall!

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