Style Overload



This is definitely too much at one time. The fringe bag, the Gucci Babouska boots, the name chain AND thick chain. You definitely don’t want to overload on trends or styles. She could have kept on just the name chain and left the other one at home if her bag & shoes would have been so dramatic. The fringe bag is just in time for Fall, but the fringe on the bag is super long and very dramatic, after choosing that accessory she should have left everything else alone and let the bag take charge of the outfit. The boots are perfect and a must cop for this season but AGAIN, it’s competing for attention with the rest of the outfit! Everything here is screaming “Look at me!” which is never good. Something should have took center stage, not everyone can be a lead… right Melody?  

Ladies, learn from her mistake.

2 Responses to “Style Overload”

  1. 1 sweet midst

    first off, she looks burnt serverly, the tan is way over done, the fringe purse look like a spare ponytail, i say cut the fringe too. the shoes are killer hot loves them. the skirt is nice but im tired of seeing that one, does it come in yellow, purple etc gesh. yeah the chains are back but not how shes wearing them… but mel is solo’s friend so… but solo gets it dizzy in a stylish way, help mel before she become a joke.

  2. 2 MISHA

    she also needs to leave the fake tanning and bronzers alone for a few weeks and start using some proactive instead. i feel like playing connect the dots.

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