Janet Jackson Keeps It Sexy


The self-proclaimed sex symbol is stepping into the designer side of things to bring us a little something sexy. She is teaming up with Schiavi to launch a domestic lingerie collection called Pleasure Prinicple which is set to hit stores November 2008 in America, Australia, Japan and then Europe. Check out what Janet Jackson has to say about it:

“The collection has been carefully created with some of the finest laces from around the world. You will see a lot of satin and lace combined and rich colors such as burgundy and beige, silver and peach as well as your classic black and white,” Jackson reveals. “It makes you feel incredible and offers variety as diverse as the women who will wear it.”

This is a perfect fit for her, if she tried to dare start a full blown clothing line I think that would be a little unrealistic. I can’t wait to see what it’s like!

3 Responses to “Janet Jackson Keeps It Sexy”

  1. 1 A Human

    Ummm, does she think she is the sexiest gurl in the world? two words ‘Stuck Up’. She thinks she has created her own fame… (cough cough) Michael made the Whole family famous! if it wasn’t for him, they wouldn’t be where they are now! Michael is the King, she bows to him! Michael is the greatest entertainer that ever lived, as well as the most recognisable person, and much more! God, nobody knows Janet Jackson! Nobody knows that he has any sisters… cause Michael has the light, even when he was in the dark years! Michael Jackson is the famous one. Atleast he write his music about things that are relevent! Come on, nobody wants to listen to some stuck up bimbo’s wanna-be sexual life! If you can hear her! Michael can change the tone of his voice. she sounds like elmo high! he can change every angle of his voice, her voice is so weak, you can’t hear a word! why do people buy her control album then? you might ask? Well, that was 1986. 4 years back, Michael released the biggest selling album of all time! This was a Jackson. Michael had the world… she had… an island when she released Control. By that time, Michael had that little island, the world and the universe! Why don’t people think of this? Janet is a tiny ant when placed next to Michael. And even when she is standing alone, Beyonce has probably sold more. Even Rihanna! Michael is the big star! And, he also doesn’t go around ripping his clothes of to show off his package! she ripps off to try and get the attention of men… but she couldn’t even get the attention of a drunk Eskimo!

  2. 2 Someone ou dont know

    i agree. And, don’t forget, Michael performed the greatest peformance in history in 83, and she performed… nothing! Who wants to look at a weak singing mohauk and try to strain your ears to hear her voice. When Michael performs, he performs like he is performing for God. He makes sure everything is perfect. Also, she stole his dance routine for her dumb video.. whatever the hell it was. Atleast his videos were like mini movies! God! no, god knows, how about whoever is reading this.. if you think i am stupid, just reply. you can say whatever you want, but you aint changing me. MICHAEL IS MORE FAMOUS THAN ANYONE WHO TRIED… OR EVEN SUCCED !

  3. 3 awet halefom

    Really Janet you are very sexy waw O my God I am just start to love you

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