Best (and Worst) Dressed At The VIBE Anniversary Party


VIBE Magazine recently celebrated their 15th anniversary at Cathedral in New York (in which they used Jay-Z as the cover boy to celebrate) which was a black tie event. While some followed dress code and brought their A game, some got the invite and NOT the memo:

Cassie looked fabulous as usual, and some how she made leggings work. Her stylist Marni is on point!

Estelle looked nice, love the dress and the necklace complimented it well.

Wait, did I mention Chanel Iman was a fierce chic? At only 18 she is bringing down the house and setting the fashion scene on fire. Perhaps Cassie will follow in close pursuit?

Umm… I don’t even know. I just can’t get past the fact that they always look so low budget and makes platinum records versus Cassie who sells no records but is always on point. I won’t even go into that… this is a fashion blog.

She can’t possibly love herself.

Celebrity stylist Tameka Foster came out. Can’t say I’m loving this, but she still doesn’t look bad.

Dr. Ben Chavis and the fabulous Valeisha Butterfield of Hip-Hop Summit Action Network and 106 & Park’s Terrence J came out- following dress code. Gotta love them!

Looks like fun! (Even though I heard other wise- but that’s between us)

2 Responses to “Best (and Worst) Dressed At The VIBE Anniversary Party”

  1. 1 Sarah Eshleman

    I hate what Estelle is wearing. She looks like garbage.

  1. 1 U My Sista, Girl! » News from Hollywood and Your Hood! » The Links…

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