Dereon Fall 2008


At first I wasn’t going to post ANYTHING about Dereon’s Fall line because I simply don’t support whackness. But after seeing this video that just hit the web this Thursday, I just had to put you on:

I must admit, they do know how to sell it. Even though I think Dereon is caliente basuda (hot garbage) watching this video made me want to run to Macy’s and cop out. But I know better than that. Their PR team is on point.

2 Responses to “Dereon Fall 2008”

  1. do you mean basura caliente? haha. no but i get it. all their stuff at Macy’s is SO UGLY. i mean, well some of it would be kinda cute (pickaninny cute, but cute) if it didn’t have Dereon all over it in rhinestones and gold thread. you can get that crap at any “New York Fashions” or “Deveroes” in the hood, is all i’m saying.

  2. I am really sick of beyonce everywhere. But anyways, pretend I wasn’t sick of her (trying to be mexican or something) I don’t like the clothing. The fashion trend has been over for awhile when big brand names like babyphat or rockawear putting big ass names all over there clothes. It ruins the clothing. I get it, your famous and you have a huuge ego, and you have to see ppl wearing ur stuff so that everyone who has ur items on is a walking talking advertisment.

    But I think that these designers would sell more if they didn’t blast their names everywhere. But I think that most of the clothes are .. alright. Also, stop putting urself in all ur pics get some models. Make it more fashionable. Not so, me me me,. I made it I made that shirt! Babyphat does that too.

    Big names attract fashion, but use some models too u know.

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