Teen Choice Awards 2008


All of Hollywood’s teen stars [and the older ones too] came out to celebrate the Teen Choice Awards. And as usual, there were several HITS & MISSES, but I’ll let you be the judge of that:

‘Gossip Girl’ star Blake Lively was a HIT as usual. Love the look.

My giirrll JoJo came out looking pretty in pink. She has a nice body as well, work it out then JoJo. Love the dress, the fit and the color. HIT

Tia Mowry brought along her new short ‘do and looked fab while doing so, not to mention the outfit was appropriate for the event. Not too casual but not too dressy. HIT

Now ya’ll know Hayden Panettiere is my favorite white girl! Love the long dress, not to mention pink never fails! I’m not falling for the fit nor do I think it’s ‘Teen Choice Awards appropriate’. Regardless of all that, it’s a HIT.

Scarlett Johansson looked uber fabulous in her Beaded Chiffon Matthew Williamson dress, HIT all the way to home! I LOVE this woman!

For more looks and HITS & MISSES

I do love the dress Kim Kardashian wore, but this would have been more appropriate for maybe the VMA’s or prom or something, not feeling the pale make-up and deep red lips. While the over all look is a HIT, because it is not appropriate for the event it is a MISS. Sorry, Kimmy!

Rachel Bilson was just completely off with this one. The blue was too pale against her skin and the nude shoes didn’t help much either. MISS

I’m so-so on the look Vanessa Hudgens chose for the event. Nothing about it popped out to me nor made a statement, but at the same time it doesn’t qualify for a MISS. So… I don’t know.

While I do love the look Sophia Bush rocked and would naturally consider it a HIT, because it wasn’t ‘event appropriate’ I would consider it, in that department, a MISS. But I’ll give her a pass.

I think with Lil Mama it’s always a MISS with some people, but I give her an E for effort this go ’round. Love the shoes and jeans, but the shirt was too much for me.

Just let me say, I am going through a “braiding phase” with my hair right now and Fergie is definitely doing it for me with that braid. I like the look but to me it’s a border line appropriate. The dress was a little much for ‘Teen Choice’ but in the same respect she’s not a teen or a kid and she is dressing her age, which is always a plus. HIT

Brittany Snow of course hit the carpet. Not much to say about this number but I do like it, HIT.


Leighton Meester, what are you doing? This is a hot ass mess of a MISS all around. The dress has potential but the fit just messed you up in the game. Next…

Jordin Sparks rocked a casual look, a little too casual for my likings but she definitely stayed true to herself. She’s not the ‘high end designer’ type of girl anyway. Whether it’s a HIT or MISS is completely up to you.

The Cheetah Girls looked Cheeta-licious. Loving the looks and all of them worked it, HITS all around the table.

Only because he’s a cutie and he looked fly.

And for the grand finale…. The Teen of all Teens:

…. Miley Cyrus! I really do like this whole Country gone to L.A. look. It’s appropriate for the event, appropriate for her age (which is always an issue for Miley) and it just worked over all for her. HIT

Looks like fun!

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