Rihanna Out & About


My fave fashion girl, Rihanna, has been out and about New York City these past couple of days nights:

Loving the Herve Leger dress and tank, but… ladies, check this before you leave the house:

TIP: Check to make sure your shirt is not see through, and if it is then put something- anything- under. You know better than this Rihanna… the lights on those pap’s lenses catch EVERYTHING! Now everyone knows about your nipple ring!

SMH. I’m not surprised at the nipple ring but…. Nipple Ring? Seriously?

Loves the look but of course that’s not all:

So Rocsi & Rihanna are good friends now? Hmm, who knew?

Fab laid back look! Loves it, keep it up Rih!

One Response to “Rihanna Out & About”

  1. 1 Les

    OMGOsh, Rocsi??? If you know you’re going out with someone who looks good on a regular basis, please consult the mirror. It looks like she tried too, wearing the red heels, but that outfit is just horrible. 😦

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